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Started by bostonsmoker, February 07, 2013, 01:13:12 PM

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During recipe experiments, I've been using toothpicks to identify different recipes that are in the same cooking  batch. Sometimes they fall out though during the handling. What tools / ideas do others use?


maybe try different colored metal rings,,, and on a sheet label the colors to the batch


I use different colored twist ties tyed to the racks.  Ties are the ones you get for garbage, bread or vegtable sacks.


Forgot to mention if I do not have different colored twist ties, I use different number of ties on the rack.  One rack I tie one on, the next two and so on.  Just need to write down what is what on a piece of paper.  Hope this helps.


On link sausage I tie a string between the links and tie knots on the loose end of the string

1 knot for this, 2 knots for that and 3 knots for the other thing

I also do the twist ties or string on the rack if every thing on the rack is the same

1 tie for this, 2 ties for that and 3 ties for the other thing

Habanero Smoker

I've never had a problem using toothpicks. As the meat cooks and shrinks, the toothpicks become more fixed into the meat. If you don't come up with another solution, you may want to use the fork type toothpick that has the two prongs.