The Bread.. She's Dead Jim!

Started by standles, March 30, 2013, 03:57:48 PM

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Well I thought I would try and follow the master (CRG) into a higher level of Bread-vana.   

I doubled my starter three times this past week and was going to dehydrate some for backup. 

First sign of issues was it was thick when I was putting it on the dehydrator mats.    Should have been a clue but damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead.   I set the temp on 100 and let er rip for 24 hours.    What I got was a thick skin formed and liquid starter underneath.  I broke up the skin and flipped it over.   24 More hours and gave up.   I got enough dried to continue the experiment.    Then tried to grind it in a food processor.  NO-GO.    It took the Blender to grind those rock like chunks.

Waited for weekend  and decided time for the test.

All re hydrated...  So far So Good....

This was the pitiful state after 20 hours in a 100 degree oven.   No signs of life (intelligent or otherwise) here.

Oh well Lesson learned  Next time I will mix some water with the starter to make a thinner slurry and dry that.
Sure am glad I held back a cup of starter "Just In Case".

There was a short service held and then the bodies were buried at sea.    I was distraught.   I had to find something to satiate my creative desires. 

I drowned my sorry in making.....  5# of Reuben Sausages like Ragweed.

Spun the Kraut in a salad spinner and wrung it out through a towel. 
Still had too much moisture in it.   
Next time will add bread, Powdered Milk or something to soak up excess moisture.

The Silver looking stuff is just condensation on the inside of the ziplock.

Later, Steven

Smokin Soon

I think your starter might not have been mature enough after 3 feedings in one week. Just give it some more time between feedings and build up your stash slowly.