Hot smoked duck breasts

Started by Charlie Ritchie, May 09, 2006, 05:59:29 AM

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Charlie Ritchie

Hi there everyone

Can anyone advise me on the best way to hotsmoke duck breasts. Am I right in thinking that they have to be dipped in boiling water before brining in order to reduce the amount of fat under the skin? Or did I imagine reading this somewhere???!! ;D ;D




The food of the gods! I have had success in skinning the breasts, but wrapping with bacon during the smoke.  In particular, the last go 'round I used a flattened breast on the bottom, stuffed with feta and seasoning of choice (thyme, S&P, minced galic), 2nd breast on top, bacon wrapped this critter and hickory smoked.

No leftovers and the house guests wouldnt leave.  I would call that a smashing success.


Habanero Smoker

Do a search on duck breast. Kirk (Chez) posted some good instructions on this. I never heard anything about poaching the breast first. The way I get the fat to render out is to carefully prick the skin in several places, deep enough to penetrate the fat, but making sure you do not pierce the meat.


Chez Bubba


You cannot render that amount of fat with a smoker temp unless you're willing to go a really long time, which unfortunately, no amount of fat will save the meat from being dry & overcooked.

My best advice is cold smoke them, then traditionally pan fry. Details, as Habby said, are in another thread.

Ya think if next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non", they would mind?