Bacon Jerky

Started by Alanfromwis, July 28, 2013, 09:51:27 AM

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  Has anyone tasted or tried to make bacon jerky? We were at a local supermarket yesterday, & Johnsonville  has a bacon jerky that we purchased. This was delicious & seems like a natural for bacon. I have not yet made jerky, but would like to try making this.
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Sounds interesting, I've done bacon before and I just sliced my first jerky and put it in a Teriyaki marinade for a couple of days till my frog mats come in. If you try it please post pictures and the method you use. I know we'd all like to follow your progress on it.


Oretty sure Nepas has done bacon jerky
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Guilty as charged.  I joined Rick's bacon jerky party in the thread Devo posted.  It is a long drying process but delicious when finished.


wonder if we could do the same with beef bacon?

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Sounds like an experiment for you Beefmann, I won't have any for a week or so and I don't have a dehydrator which seems like a necessity to keep from having a fat out.


i also do not have a dehydrator ... oh god... another  toy... where to put it


I can't think of a reason you could not use beef bacon.  In fact it might dry a little quicker because of the difference in fat content in the beef bacon vs pork belly bacon.