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Started by Eat This, July 04, 2004, 07:51:57 AM

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Eat This

I am from Tx (I'll try to keep this a short post but I tend to ramble). I am a grilling guru.....I check my ribeyes by feel and know exactly how they will be but I have long yearned for the real BBq....A smoker. I know my way around a kitchen and grill fairly well but have never smoked a thing. I have for the last 3 months been going to BBQgalore stores and the such looking for a smoker...most seem HUGE like the Oklahoma Joes...but this A.M. while at work I saw a store (a wine store) giving out free samples and this smoker was smoking cheese and brisket and chicken breasts. I stopped at the smoker and was curious because it was electric..I had read in my research that electric had the advantage of maintaining a constant temp so that intrigued me.....the old man running the smoker started to tell me about the bradley.....well I'm a thourough guy and after finding this website and reading post (about 5 hours worth off and on today) I think this is the way to go for me. But of course I have the NEWBIe questions I am sure everyone may get tired of.
Where should I buy??? I have seen them as low as $350 with a free that a good deal?

Do I need Kirks pucks???  (we have a name is Kirk as if so how many?

I have read numerous posts about keeping the door closed as long as possible and to use a thermometer.....any recommendations??? are these batery powered??? Grilling I can just use my finger and tell its doneness....

I dont mind spending money on accesories that I will need but my house is full of wasted DVD cables for my TV etc that werent necessary(example...does the pan under the feeder come on the NEW models ?)........What accessories would you reccomend I purchase and where???
Sorry I dont mean to bore you with a typical New GUY post but there is more info on these smokers here than anywhere I found so If anyone can just spare a few minutes and steer me in the right direction through their experiences it is appreciated.


Greeting Kirk~~~!

If you read postings for 5 hours then you know my feelings about the Bradley. However, I will high-light a few.

1. Been smok'in 44 years. If it is out there I've owned it, built it or stole it.  <b>The Bradley is the best home smoker out there period.</b>
2. Yes you will need the Bubba Pucks. This insures you use up your last two wood pucks.
3. Wireless thermometer is the way to go...but don't ask me about mine it crapped out after one month.
4. As far as cost goes for a unit Bubba is the place to purchase it from. Ya there are business out there where the Bradley is an addon to there main line. They generally don't stock them. As such they offer a small discount. However, again if you read all that is here then you know about the horror stories some of our members went through waiting on their unit. Also, there is a new posting here as to an unit coming in really messed up. I kind of wonder who the dealer was. From what was posted I think the guy got taken to the cleaners.
5. Make sure to order wood pucks they are not included when purchasing an unit other than from Bubba.

As a newbie, if you take the advice here then you will become a feeding hero with your family in no time~~!

Again welcome to the best smok'in forums on the net.

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Dave Schmidt

Get a Taylor thermometer. It works great!


Welcome Kirk,Texas is the home of "Q".You will not go wrong with the Bradley.I made the the misteak of NOT buying from Bubba.Price is not everything.You need the Bubba Pucks,they make sure that all the bisquits advance.Yes KEEP THE DOOR SHUT-every time you open it you add at least 30 min. to ccking time.Buy a thermometer with a remote cable you can run thru the vent or the door.(Bed Baaath & Beyond or any kitchen store $20-$30)You must buy a copy of Smoke & Spice this will give you many good recipes and ideas if you are a grill guy.Yes the pan comes with the unit.Order a few different flavors of wood you need a milder smoke than hickory for fish,chicken,cheese.I like oak for beef,apple,maple,pecan,alder alone or in combo for other foods.Happy 4th. & smoke on.[:D][:D][8D]


Eat This

Thanks for the link Dave....I need a thermometer,,,,,DOW how do I buy from Bubba??? do you have a link?....anything else I may need that you can think of??? Remember how excited you were the first time you were smoking well Im getting that feeling.....thanks for the info guys....


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