Is this standard?

Started by thegoat273, December 21, 2013, 01:33:11 PM

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I am smoking two pork shoulders today.  one 5 lbs and the other 6 lbs. It is 33 degrees and drizzling outside.  I have a tarp strung up to protect the OBS from the rain.  The vent is wide open.  The smoke generator is on and the slider that controls the temp is all the way to the right.  The hottest I can get the OBS up to is 200 degrees.  Does this sound normal? 


Depends.  How long have the butts been in the smoker and did you preheat your smoker?  More importantly, is there a wind blowing across the top of your Bradley vent?  If so, the wind will suck all of the heat right out of your tower.


Yep sounds normal to me, considering the outside air temp
I have mine just inside the door of my garage and when the temps fall that low mine does the same
Just keep the wind off her and she'll be fine
Also are you getting your temp reading from the door gauge or do you have a remote probe

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I am getting it from the door, but I have an internal probe in the meat inside.  Wind really isn't blowing.


I did preheat the OBS.  It has been at it for a while now.  I just didn't know if it should be getting warmer that what it is.


The reading on the door may be low. The heat rises on the back wall, and if the meat is blocking the door temp probe then it may be on the low side.

But based upon all that, it appears normal.
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thanks fellas.  I am on a timeline so I moved it to the oven to finish it up.  Looks like it is progressing.


I just finished 11 lbs of hillbilly bacon in my OBS.  Pre-heated 1 1/2 hrs to 230, SG on, hot water in pan, brick in bottom.  Never made it past 204 F.  Ambient 20 F, no wind, cloudy.  Bacon turned out great.  IT=145 in 5 hrs.  So yes, your experience is standard.


does the brick really help?  Is it a normal brick?


I think it does.  A trick I picked up here on the forum.  Just a standard brick covered in foil.  Acts as a heat sink.  Don't try to remove it after a smoke.  Stays hot for quite a while!!!


Just like don't pick up your bubba pucks right after a smoke.  I question my intelligence every time.

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No, it's a special Bradley brick. You need to special order the brick from Bradley. About $8 plus shipping  ::)  Just kidding- any brick from home Depot or Lowe's. Lay brick front to back long ways on left side underneath the smoke generator, and this will leave almost exactly enough room for a 9x9x2 cake pan as your drip and puck pan.
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