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Started by BoxcarBetts, December 31, 2013, 12:22:16 AM

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So I just finished my first smoke in my garage. I was relatively prepared, but definitely learned a lot about what I'm going to want and need. My goal is to build a little wooden shack out of some scrap floorboards I was given and attach some dryer duct to route the smoke out the garage. In the meantime though, I'm wondering how you folks are attaching your venting? I see flexible duct, PVC pipe, rigid... But I can't seem to see too any pics of how you actually attach the pipe to the smoker!

Looking for ideas.


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I haven't done mine yet, but I have noticed that some people have theirs suspended a couple of inches above the smoker vent, others use a dryer wall vent piece that can be put through the top vent and the tabs folded over to lock it in place, while others have used kitchen vent a hoods mounted over their smokers.


I built a little shed on my deck . (Of course the wife and I have a disagreement on the definition of little.) I have the vents hangin from the roof and about 2 inch clearance from the Bradley top. I think the gap helps keep the moisture down and provides source of an air draft for the chimney.

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You want a bit of air gap between the vent and pipe like Gus shows in his pics. If you have a tight connection and an exhaust pipe that draws too well you can actually suck the smoke and heat out of your smoker. If you have a gas or propane water heater, take a look at the exhaust pipe connection with the designed air gap. Something like that would be perfect. Find a plumbing shop that does water heater replacements and see if they'll scrounge the fitting for you. New water heaters come with that part, so there's no need to keep it for the new tank install.
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Thanks for the ideas. Part of the reason why I want to build a little shack even though I'll be a garage smoker is to support the vent above the smoker with an inch or two of clearance. On another note, after my 6-hour brisket smoke yesterday, I noticed grease buildup around the vent and also had some drip out the end of my dryer duct and onto my garage door (guess I'll be painting in the spring). Do you guys put inline filters with your vents?
They say it's easier to quit heroin than it is to quit smoking!


I have mine in a Suncast shed on the deck.  I mounted a 3" PVC toilet flange to the top of the smoker with a permatex bead to seal and 4 self tapping screws.  I cut a 3.5" hole in the top of the shed and stuck in a short piece of 3" PVC to vent through the top.  You could attach flexible duct to a short piece of PVC to get it out of the garage....BTW I don't worry about the venting as I run wide open always