DigiQ II and Power Raptor HELP!

Started by al_sfbay, January 19, 2014, 11:10:41 AM

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Playoffs are today and I wanted to smoke short ribs and sweet potatoes.

So I am wired in and don't have a clue how to set up this thingy!!! Here are my questions:
Do I plug in the sensor cable for a fan to the Power Raptor even if I don't have a fan?
Do I turn on the Bradley controls for the smoke generator and the chamber, if so what do I set them to? 
Is someone nice enough to talk me thru this? 

My current configuration is as follows:
Bradley controls on
fan cable plugged in (don't know why)
pit temp set for 225
looking in scan mode

still warming up, only 192 in pit.

Also, Can someone explain in detail (for an idiot) how to use and set the ramp feature.

So much for user friendly! The good news is I think it is just the poor manual, not the equipment.

thanks in advance,


Plug your blower connection from DigiQ to raptor.  Plug raptor directly into tower plug.  You will need a computer cord for this.

Place your temp probe in the cabinet and set your temp using the up/ down keys on the DigiQ.

Easy as that...

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I've done all of that, Do I turn bradley controls on too?  If so what do I sert them to? just having some trouble understanding the programing and the manual isn't very helpful.

Habanero Smoker

Disable the ramp mode, that is what is keeping your temperatures down. When I was using my DigiQ I would only use the Ramp if I knew I would not be around when the meat got close to the internal temperature. Also while you are in the menu disable the "open lid" if that is set to yes it will slow down your recovery times.

The DigiQ will control the cabinet temperature, you only thing on the generator you need to set is the smoke time.



thanks Hab,
Now I have a better idea as to how this works.


So get this....not only did I have a bad heating element on my BDS, but I got a bad raptor from BBQ Guru!!  I turned everything off as per BBQ Guru recommendations and  I was going to trouble shoot with them.  @ hrs later the smoker was going full tilt and the DigiQ screen was blank because it was "turned off"!!! 

Lisa Jo was great to deal with and swapped it out immediately.  I hope this weekend is a bit better for smoking.  I am thinking 2 fatties for Super Bowl.