BDS 6 Rack 2nd Element & PID Install?

Started by wowatracy, January 24, 2014, 12:15:12 PM

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I'm really wanting to install a 2nd element in my 6 rack BDS which is only about a month old (been using the 4 rack BDS for years).  I have PIDs controlling my electric brewery so I'm familiar with them as well.  I've seen a couple postings recently that popped a few questions into my mind. 

Can I install a 2nd element without using a PID controller?  I have a wireless thermometer to monitor temps and could just use the digital controls that came with the system to adjust.  I thought I saw something about this possibly affecting the puck advancer?

Installing the second element seems easy enough and creating the PID controller box seems easy enough if I needed to do it, I'm just not sure how it affects the puck advancement and the smoke generator/timer.  Do you now have two plugs that get plugged into the wall (the original that now only controls the smoke generator and the new one that goes to the PID box).



On the Digital Bradleys you leave the oven control off and let the PID do the controlling. The smoke generator then becomes just that, a smoke generator that advances the pucks. You need to plug the smoke generator in and the PID into the power outlet. You also have to have the little low voltage wire with the plugs plugged into the back of the SG and the cabinet or you will get an error message.