Not a good start with my new BTDS108P

Started by cptnmrvl, March 12, 2014, 08:04:22 PM

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I purchased the 6 rack digital smoker on Feb. 25, 2014 and finally got a nice enough day to fire it up for its initial seasoning.  Everything was going good until I turned on the smoker.  At that time, there were a few clicks followed by "E" being displayed and warning tones.  At that point, I opened the door and found 3 bisquettes had dropped in the water tray.  I shut everything down and went to their web site for the U.S. to see if there was any information about the error.  To my disappointment, I found nothing.  At that point I decided to call Bradley.  I was told this is a problem they know about and I had one of two solutions to choose from.  First, I was told I could return the unit to where I bought it for an exchange.  This is not possible, because I no longer had the box and packing material and it would cost me shipping because I bought it online from  The second option was Bradley would send me a new motor and sensor that I would have to install.  I was really surprised to learn I would have to apply the "repairs" myself which in most cases would render the warranty null and void.  Neither option seemed too customer focused to me and I felt like I was forced to choose option two. I don't understand why Bradley wouldn't just send me a new smoke generator unit.  Or, I would have been much happier if they sent me a new smoker with a prepaid return shipping label.  Then, I could pack up the defective unit in the box the replacement came in and return it.  At this point, I not a very happy customer and this is no way to start a good consumer relationship.


Welcome aboard.  Sorry to hear that your initial experience with your new Bradley hasn't gone very well.  As far as the "E" error, there are some troubleshooting tips on the Bradley user site (not the company website) that may help.  Click on the links below.

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