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Started by David6340, July 09, 2004, 12:12:09 AM

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Forgive me for what has turned out to be a continuing series of  newbie questions but I am new to all of this. I'm going back and forth on deciding  to purchase the the Bradley or Weber Smokey Mountain. Is there a difference in taste between electric and charcoal smokers and will I be sacrificing taste for the conveinence of electric? How about appearance? For instance, does food brown on the Bradley like the WSM? Does chicken get that crisp skin? It seems that when I go on the WSM forum, people our as positive about that product as most everybody is on this forum. Once again, I really would appreciate your feedback.


I really like my Weber Genesis.  Also have 2 kettles.  I also have a Brinkman Water Smoker.  I just ordered a Bradley SS because I really want a smoker, designed and dedicated to just that.

I have smoked and done indirect cooking with my Webers, and the food was ok, but not really controlled and cooked slowly to tenderness.  My results varied.  Mostly dry.  

Brinkman better, but I anticipate the BS to be the real deal.  

The key is the ability to cold smoke and crank that temp down to cook slow.  It is what I want.  You have to decide on what kind of items you will be smoking.  If you just want steak and ribs that are parboiled and then cooked with a smoky flavor that are cooked quicky, opt for the Weber.

I plan on doing Salmon for my wife and ribs once in awhile to keep my cardiologist busy.  I am going to be smoking homemade sausage,cheese, almonds, etc.  I really don't see the ability to that in a Weber.


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Please let the Weber thing go.  If you want real grill flavor ceramic is the way to go.  //www.primogrill.com.  If you want smoke BS is the ultimate.  I have owned Weber grills and Brinkman smokers.  BS and Primo are superior.  Weber is like smirnoff vodka.  It's in the advertising.  Lots of research on the internet is worth it.  Happy Q'ing.


Some say BBQ is in your blood, if thats true my blood must be BBQ sauce.
Some people say BBQ is in the blood, if thats true my blood must be BBQ sauce.

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david ....look at some of the pictures on here.....I think you'll see your crispy skin unless you smear mustard on it as a means to hold your rubb....mustard ads moisture......Chez had a thread about his pork butt where the skin was what people were looking for on his platter.....charcoal....wood.....electric....doesnt make skin crispy....what makes it crispy is HEATED air flowing through the smoker.....from what I see the Bradley with its vertical design has planty of air movement....


David,  I personally feel that there is a difference in taste between the (1)charcoal like kingsford, (2) wood coals burnt down as the heat source, and (3) electric.  I like the taste from the first two methods, but the ease of the Bradley outweighs everything else.  I loved using my offset, but hated to keep checking the heat and worrying about temp spikes, getting more wood coals or charcoal ready,etc.  I've owned the BS for about 7-8 months, and am in love with it.  The flavor the BS imparts is nice. I do not think that you will be disappointed with it.  Also, if you ever decide to do jerky, fish, cheese, etc you can with this.  My own two bits.
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I'm gonna get me one of those ceramic jobbies when I get settled up in Washington someday....

Primo/Big Green Egg....great for grilling and smoking too!

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It's almost apples or oranges, not quite but close.  Smoke for the smoke flavor.  Charcoal for the charcoal flavor. Neither is wrong. I will tell you this though, since I have bought the BS the o'l grill has been cathching alot more dust, except for some hot dogs and the occasional chicken breast it's been a little idle.  Really, the only thing I use charcoal for is Steaks and good Burgers.  Sometimes I would like to think the BS does it all but sometimes it doesn't.

Man, about a 34oz Porterhouse on charcoal and a smoked baked potatoe with a mess of ABT's from the BS.     <b><font color="blue">Hail Columbia!</font id="blue"></b>


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I agree with Mr. MallardWhacker,
A good steak still tastes better on the grill. Just about everything else goes into the smoker![:p]

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Thank you all for the feedback. If I keep the BS on my deck, will we still be able to sit out there while it's smoking or does it throw so much smoke in the air that you wouldn't want to sit anywhere near it?[:)]


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<br />Thank you all for the feedback. If I keep the BS on my deck, will we still be able to sit out there while it's smoking or does it throw so much smoke in the air that you wouldn't want to sit anywhere near it?[:)]
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I'm new here and at smoking too, but here's my 2 cents.

With my very limited experience, I'll say the BS lets very little smoke out of it compared to other smokers using charcoal or wood. This was a pleasant surprise as I plan on using it year round and have plenty of room in the sun-porch I built last year. Out of the weather!

While seasoning I simply opened up the windows creating a flow of air and there was little smoke that accumulated in the sun-porch. That was about 3 hours of continuous smoke. I'm have asthma so this was very important to me.

Even with all my problems getting up and running, see my other posts[:(], the enthusiasm on the board for the Bradley has infected me![8D]

I'll add that the aroma of the BS in action is fantastic....and it keeps the skeeters at bay![;)]

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Thanks Tominator. I had visions of my neighbors calling the fire department on me. I've been going back and fourth between the WSM and BS but I think because of this forum, I'm going to order the BS from Chez Bubba.

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There's actually very little smoke- not much chance of getting dunked by a water-bomber courtesy of a concerned neighbor.[;)]

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I agree with all that has been posted here. David I would like to share with you all of the items I cook out with. Each of them has a stong point. Each of them offers me something the others don't.

First the Bradley is a real mini smoke house. This is the true difference between it and the pack. For example I know I could cure, smoke and the hang the meat for two years in a cooler box. I would end up with an outstanding ham. There is no way I can do this with direct heat. It just is not possible. If you are looking to develope the art of true smoking of food then the Bradley is for you.

I have the Bradley

I have the large Green Egg.

I have a commercial radiant 36" gas grill.

I have design a direct wood grill, and it will made by fall. It will look something close to the one below. But without those dingy wheels, and vented in 3 place at the top of the lid.

This is a chicken I did in the Bradley. It is a smoked chicken. If I had wanted grill chicken I would have used my radiant grill. If I had wanted BBQ chicken I would have used my Green Egg. Again all of these items has a special purpose. Each has its own offering they bring to the table.  


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I hope I didn't cause a stink.  I had company last night and had one to many bourbons and then posted.  I want everyone to know the BS smokes better than anything I've ever used before.  I do love the ceramic for steaks though(just pulled off some juicy steaks).  IMHO this is a great forum full of talent.  Glad I found you fellers.  Happy Q'ing.


Some say BBQ is in your blood, if thats true my blood must be BBQ sauce.
Some people say BBQ is in the blood, if thats true my blood must be BBQ sauce.


Hi Olds,
Thanks very much for taking the time to give me a much appreciated BBQ 101. Hopefully some of this will start to rub off (so to speak) on me. You know, after looking at that delicious looking chicken, I'm ready to start smoking except I have not ordered my BS yet. One question; was the skin  crisp? Thanks again for your help.