Started by Malc, July 11, 2006, 04:22:02 PM

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Let me start by saying that bratwurst(done correctly) is one of my favorite foods.  Usually, I start by browning the skins a little and then I set them into a roaster filled with beer.  I place the whole roaster on the grill grate, covered on low for at least two hours, maybe more.  I have gone up to four hours and never had a bad one, just have to make sure that the beer doesn't evaporate.  I know some do this in reverse, but this has always provided perfect results.
I wanted to see if some smoke would add anything to the mix, so I tried this.  I set the BS to smoke/cook at about 200.  I wanted to keep beer in the recipe(it should be in all recipes, but...), so I injected the brats with a little bit and put 'em in.  I cooked them to about 160-165.  They weren't bad, but it felt like something was missing.  The flavor of the beer was definitely not there, so I am thinking of trying something a little stronger next time.  I may even replace the water in the pan with beer.  Has anyone ever tried anything else or have any suggestions. 
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How long did it take for them to get up to 160ºF. Maybe you can smoke them for a short period of time, and do something similar that Old's does when smoking brisket. Make an aluminum boat, or place them in a shallow aluminum pan, add a small amount of preheated beer, seal tightly then steam them. At that point you can do that step on a grill or stove top.



Just a guess on my part, but I think Hab is correct about the tent. However, if I was to try this I would do the following:

1 Smoke 2 hours using Adler Wood. Box temp. 200 F maximum.
2 Remove from smoker and allow to cool to room temp. and place in zip-lock bag.
3 Place in refrig. for 2 -3 days.
4 Then cook them as you normally would.

My take is you are trying to enhance your end product and not change it.  If that is true then I believe the above steps will work for you. The reason I suggest 2 hours with Adler wood is this is a work in progress. It would be better to enjoy your bratwurst saying next time I will smoke it longer, then saying wow to much smoke. Plus my personal view is smoke is like salt and pepper. You use it to enhance not become the only thing you taste.


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Habanero-  It took a little over two hours on the top rack with the vent about 2/3 open.

Oldman-You are dead on.  I am trying to enhance it.  I will have to try it that way.  I used apple the first time I did it, it was mild, as well.  I never even considered finishing the way I normally do.  I still have a few left, so I will definitely try that.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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