Having difficulty smoking Pork Back Ribs

Started by Edward176, June 28, 2014, 12:50:05 PM

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I've made Pork Back Ribs now several times in my Bradley Digital 6 rack smoker and could use some advise on how to get them just right. I preheat the smoker to 250'F and put the ribs, with dry rub, in and set the oven temp at 230'F. After 3 hours of smoke (sometimes 3 hours and 20 minutes) I remove the ribs and the meat isn't pulled back from the the edge of the bones. I wrap the ribs in heavy foil with a splash of water and in the oven on 225'F for another 2 hours. Remove ribs from foil and place on trays and apply BBQ sauce, back into 225'F oven for another 30 minutes to 1 hour. Depending on how they are doing (don't want them dried out too much). I find the meat tender and tasty but the meat doesn't always pull back and some times meat isn't at the "Fall Of The Bone" stage. Any ideas to what I"m doing or not doing? Need to cook longer? Any ideas? 


Sounds like your timing and temps are basically ok.  You can't rely on the meat pulling back from the bone as an indicator of doneness.  I have had ribs where the meat pulled back within the first hour and had ribs where the meat never pulls back.  I use a toothpick and if it slips in and out with little resistance I know I'm good to go.  I also do the bend test where you pick up a rack of ribs by one end and hold it horizontally to see if it will bend under its own weight without breaking.

You mentioned that you don't want them overdone and also said that sometimes the meat doesn't pull back and the meat is not "fall off the bone".  Some will tell you that if the meat falls off the bone the ribs are overdone.  I subscribe to that theory as well.  Relying on meat to pull back and falling off the bone is not a good indicator of proper doneness for me.

There is nothing wrong with fall off the bone ribs if that is how you and your family like them.  That's all that matters after all!


Yep I agree with what Larry said. Fall off the bone = over done. But if that is how you like them then they are perfect. :)
You do want them to be tender and moist and when you take a bite it should bite cleanly and not pull the whole rib from the bone.
It takes a lot of practice but even if they are not quite perfect this time they still are great to eat. :)


Thanks for the tips and advice guys. The ribs were very tasty and juicy and that was the important thing.  Even the next day out of the fridge the cold ribs just seem to have that texture and flavour that is so hard to beat. Yes they were juicy and not dried out so I guess I did a good job with them.  Thank You again ;)