Mallardwhackers Maple Canadian Bacon

Started by waycoolcat, July 24, 2014, 04:10:21 PM

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I just finished slicing and packaging Mallardwhacker's Maple Canadian Bacon. It is delicious with a subtlety mild sweet maple flavor with smoke. I would highly recommend this recipe. I followed it to the letter with only one exception, I stopped it at an internal temperature of 142, instead of the recommended 150 degrees. I did it at the advice of other forum members after my last Canadian Bacon attempt using Michael Ruhlman's recipe in Charcuterie turned out a bit dry when finished to 150 degrees. I always put it in a fry pan anyway to heat up, and I sliced it 4 mm thick on my Cabela's 10" slicer.

I want to be a better carnivore!


Looks absolutely wonderful! Drooling all over the keyboard.
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Looks really nice! I need to make some more. I haven't made CB in a long time.
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Quote from: Wildcat on July 24, 2014, 05:52:48 PM
Looks absolutely wonderful! Drooling all over the keyboard.

X2, I had to get a new keyboard the other day from all the forum induced drooling. :)


X3!  I just pulled a small batch out of the smoker myself.  Hope it looks half as good as yours after I slice it.


I love that recipe as well. I take mine to the IT in the recipe, mostly because I quite often eat it cold. I never had a problem with it being to dry even when going to 152F. Makes the best dang breakfast sandwiches in the world. Got myself one of those egg cooking rings you set on your skillet, toast up an english muffin with a fried egg, couple fried slices of CB and a slice of cheese. HEAVEN!!!
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