Cold smoker replacement hose

Started by SueD, July 25, 2014, 09:51:21 PM

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I have the cold smoker adapter it was purchased maybe 3 years ago now.  The metal flexible hose is trashed now and due to it's 4.5 inch diameter size I cannot find a replacement locally.  Any idea who might sell a replacement hose.   Thanks in advance

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Hi SueD;

Welcome to the forum. Your hose lasted much longer than mine. You can call Bradley, but if they still sell the same hose, I wouldn't get it.

I don't know where you live so I can give you some general information. If you go on the Home Depot site and search around you will find they sell a 5" flexible hose that will fit. Or you may be able to find a step down mount from 5" to 4",  that way you can use a 4" hose.

If you don't use the mounting plates on each end of the hose. You will see a lip on top of the cold smoker box. A 4" hose will fit fairly well over that, and you can clamp it down with a hose clamp. The lip is fairly small so you may need a pair of wire cutters to trim the edge of the hose so that it will fit properly. The other end of the hose will fit nicely through the side of the cabinet. You do not need the mounting plates on either end.

This site Blastgate sells 5" diameter hose, but only one PVC hose is rated FDA approved; the R-4 ECONO-PLUS. The temperature range is 20 - 160°F. The 160°F may be very close to the temperature that may be produced by the generator at that area of the box. So you may want to test the temperature at that point with the generator on, using an infrared thermometer. Another issue with that hose is that you have to purchase in 10' increments. If you go to the area of their site "Flex Hose Cut Pieces", you may find that they have remnant pieces of the hose you want that will fit your need.

Since the 5" hose may not give you a tight seal, you may also want to use a high temperature food safe silicone sealant.



The 5" x 4" reducer on each end is probably the easiest way to go. As Habs stated, the lip is pretty short. That way you'll always be able to replace the 4" flex duct if needed without a world wide search for parts. You can fasten the reducers to the collars with self tapping sheet metal screws and get away from the clamped duct pipe that tends to slip off from time to time.
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