More Deer Jerky

Started by ragweed, September 30, 2014, 12:20:22 PM

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It's hunting season again and time to make more "survival" food.  I've got smoked honey glazed almonds ala TailFeathers made:

and some smoked Cooper cheese laced with Canadian Bacon ala Pensrock:

Now I need some deer jerky.  So....
5 lbs ground deer shoulder meat saved from last year.
1 tsp cure #1
2 tsp black pepper
2 tsp Cayenne pepper
8 oz Smoking Gun Jerky Marinade
Mixed well and after an overnight in the frig stuffed into 2.99" casings.

After about 4 hrs in the freezer to firm up, "uniformly" sliced and the casings removed.

Next, a stay in my high tech dehydrators 'til they bend but won't break.  This batch took between 4 1/2 and 7 hrs, depending on how "uniformly" they were sliced.  ;)

The finished product.  2 lbs  7 5/8 ozs.  60 wafers plus ends and stuffer scrap.

Sorry about the large photos.  Couldn't figure out how to make them smaller since photo bucket has changed.  :( :( 


Meyer Lemon, this is exactly what I told you about at BBQ on the River and the from the guy who originally taught us how to do it, Mr. Ragweed himself.

Joe, you're getting famous!


I know it's a necro-post... but I had to...

I love the jerky method... I've been a raw meat slicer for 35 years, and a sausage maker.  it never dawned on me to do both together.  I really like that and although I have a batch of sliced deer ready to dehydrate/smoke tomorrow.  (I like to do both with my jerky)

I learned something new today... thank you!!


You're welcome.  Nice to hear another smoker likes my Dad's idea from many, many years ago.  Besides the stuffing into casings, the secret is the Smoking Gun Jerky marinade.  Makes it taste like it's been in the smoker for hours!


Those jerky rounds are great! Your dad taught you well.


I'm thinking that a tight wrap in Saran would do the same thing.  Will try that when I get my deer!


 I received some of ragweed's jerky a couple years ago in the christmas exchange. Man, it is great stuff.


Where can I get some of this Smoking gun marinade?