Christmas came early

Started by beefmann, October 10, 2014, 09:06:54 AM

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Well i  did  receive a  couple of  Christmas  gifts early, so im  Going to  show them  off a   little

yeah  yeah .. i  hear you ,,  its  just a box !! though here is what is in it ! !  good  looking device comes  with  the  main  unit, power supply, 4 probes, and usb cable to program the  unit. you  do have to  down  load the program  from tappercue for a windows based computer to program  the  unit to begin with.

once you  have  downloaded the  software  file,  unzip it and attach the  tappecue to your computer , let it  do its   thing and  the  computer find it,,, also you  may  have to  install an usb driver for the  tappecue onto your  computer to allow the  communications between the two. once this is done,, the rest is easy...  at the  right  step program in your wifi information and move  forward.

now for the  7 inch tablet it is a  samsung, with a  8 gb on board and a  64 gb  micro sd  chip for additional storage. if you  look at the  lower  left corner you  will  notice two icons,  one id key ingredient, the other is tappecue icon

key ingredient is a  cooking  website where you can set up an  account,  create cook books and  store recipes along  with  accessing them from your computer, ipad, tablet or any device that you  can  down load an ipad app or google app.

this photo shows what i have programmed in for the tappecue in the tablet app  as a  few meats and basic temps, the temps can  be  changes as your tastes  change, or  even  more added in as necessary.  the  unit comes with  4 probes that can be  used to  monitor 4 pieces of  meat, or   3  pieces of meat and the cabinet temp.. you can   use 1 to all 4  probes at a  time.

the temps on the tappecue, fair size display

same reading on the  tablet, nice item though is the ability to go  else where with the tablet and beable to  read the tappecue from any  wifi hot spot that you  have access to,  I have tried  this  from  several places around my  area and seems to  work  quite well, grant you  this  was  only  a  test.

over all The tappecue device currently is a well built item... lots  of  good features such as being to program each probe independently of all the  others, varying temps, various meats,  and cabinet, Tappicue claims a  range of 180 feet from the wifi router, however im  not running any where  that  far away.  Also, they have a free cloud storage for any and all cooks you save so you  can go back and review them, see what you   have  done . also  a graph  is available to show temps of the meat and stall duration. All this  is good information and very  useful.

you can program in your  favourite temps  quite  easily for any  piece of  meat and desired temp so you   wont have to keep programming the  unit for  every  cook,,,  program it once and your  done.. for that  cut of  meat, unless your family has varying tastes,,,  not  a  problem,,,  you  can  add in what they  like as  well and  save it as  well... now that is flexability and with a couple touches of a screen you   programmed the tappecue for your smoke /  cook... your   done except for the  cooking

in my opinion this device is  will be  quite helpful on many large cooks or even on  gatherings at your  home or neighbours.  Another nice feature is that you  can allow others to monitor your cooks  just by  giving them the  user id and  guest password, the  guest can  only view the  cook and is unable to  make any  changes,,, you as the  primary user has  complete  control over the  cook, the tappecue and tablet...

you are  not  stuck at  home with the tappucue device,, it is connected to the  internet via wifi so you  can  monitor the cooking  process from your  bedroom if at  night, to your  work..visiting   friends or  neighbours. even  on  errands so you  will always  know what's going on  with your  smoke / cook

quite a  nice set  up  with  good features,,, am looking forward to  learning  more and using this  device... cant  wait to  use it next time on when i make  Canadian bacon..... yummmmm

also tappecue has  additional probes from the  standard ones that  we have to be  careful  with as there are  not  sealed, and a tray  clip which is handy to  monitor the  cabinet,  also  have  sealed  probes which are great to  have .. also  helps to keep  moisture  out of the probes and make clean up  easier.

da beefmann


OOOOOOO.  Cool toys.

Can I come over and play?



That looks really cool! Won't you miss sitting around nursing it with your favorite beverage? Or is this so that you can run to the store when you run out of said beverage? ;D
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Oooo Oooo how much and where from?
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One Big Easy, plus one in a box.


$ 199.00 + free shipping for the tappecue thermometer as  shown with the  4 probes, power supply and usb  cable, the  programming  software id a  free down load with  usb drivers  if  needed.
also you  would need to have  handy your wifi information such as SSID and password for access., if all available 10  minute setup is all it takes

if you  have a ipad , i phone . i tablet or a tablet that  runs android then your good to go  just have to  down load the app onto the  tablet or i pad,  if not ten you   need to get a i pad or tablet and they vary in  price...
once you have your  tappecue set up on  wifi,, then you  program the app with the  information,,, and the  fun begins ,.. seeing how the app is  set up, when and  how to select the  probes,,, adding in your own programmed meat and cabinet temp.. 

then down the  road if you  choose to  save your  cooks you  can  review them later to see how it went along with the stall temps and cabinet  temps,,

hope this  helps


I love my Tappecue. The toughest part is probe management. With the PID, there are 6 probes threaded through the chamber on big cooks, and the cords are really long. Challenging, but worth the trouble.

One of my probes has gone bad -- I should have sealed the ends.
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