Broken Smoke Feeder

Started by ugtznun, November 22, 2014, 11:00:42 AM

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I just opened and hooked up my smoker today and got an e message after seasoning the unit. It stopped working after an hour and forty minutes. I  am very disappointed please help. Also I am not comfortable taking it apart and trying to fix it. I should not have this issue day one.

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Hi ugtznun;

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First try unplugging and plugging the power cords and sensor cord a few times.

If it is an "E" error and not an "E1", there is something wrong with the bisquette advance system. If it is cause by that, you may have to take it apart, or call Bradley for a new generator. Follow the instructions provided in the link below. Opening your generator will not void your warrenty.
"E" Error

If it is an "E1" error click on the link below it is probably caused by the sensor connection.
"E1" Error

More useful information:
Bradley FAQ's