"Up" button won't work

Started by Redneckinthecity, February 01, 2015, 08:57:04 AM

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I have a 4 rack digital smoker and cannot get the temp to adjust upward nor can I add time to whatever the setting is.  When I turn the oven power button on, it will be set at 280.  I can use the down button to lower the temp, but once there, I can't adjust it up.  I also can't adjust it beyond 280, which is really needed in the winter to maintain something closer to 250 with the vent open and outside temps around 25.

The "up" button also doesn't function in trying to add time to the oven time or the smoker time.  I've been able to workaround on the time by just turning off/on, but the temperature thing is more difficult to overcome.

Appreciate any similar experiences or recommendations for repair.



It may be a loose connection inside but I think I would just call Bradley

Habanero Smoker

The below link may get you up and going, until you can get the problem resolve through Bradley
Digital Panel Work Around

Also when you disconnect the ribbon cable, check the pins for signs of corrosion, or if they are bent.