750 Watt element swap - OEM bradley controller

Started by trevorandlori, February 01, 2015, 01:59:41 PM

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Smoker John

bat119 thanks for posting the link. Looking forward to seeing your install. I am going this way also for my digital.
Bradley Digital 4 Rack
Bradley BS712


I know its been awhile, but had anyone else done this?  I just baught the finnied strip heater myself and need some help, lol.

Thanks :D

I will be making a new thread soon enough to post all the foods ive smoker. and yes ive smoked lots. Im very late, i know.


I'm a new owner and I'm wondering the same thing. Has anybody had any problems with the stock control box running the 725 watt element ?


Hi All, 750w is too high rating for Bradley controller.


So what would happen if it was put in ? Would it just not heat up all the way or would it damage the controller in some way ?