Heating element in back

Started by umbrellalady, May 03, 2015, 12:20:35 PM

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Anyone else have issues with the heating element?
I have used my smoker for the past  few years about 3 times a year.  Now the heating element is not working.  I am not impressed at all - it would be different if I used it continually but I have probably used it 15 times total.
I have about 9 small  browns and rainbows in there and only the smoker is going.  It seemed to start losing temperature after about 2 hours. \Any suggestions on how I can finish them off? Help!


unplug the tower at the  smoker generator and  do the  same at the  other  end... check if this gets the  heating  element  going... if  not ,,  plug the  tower directly  into a  power  source and see if the  element gets  hot...
if it  does  not you  may  have a  bad  element...or a  blown fuse  or  temperature sensor on theback of the  tower  gone  bad


Thanks Beefman!  I will go out and try it right now.
My neighbour has a 4 rack and very generously allowed me to put some of my racks into his smoker - the rest are still plugging away in mine. (pun intended)