2 OBS setup?

Started by roberts22, July 08, 2015, 07:37:51 PM

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Hey all,
Searched for about an hour and couldn't find anything so I wanted to get everyone's thoughts.  Long story but I have been using my OBS for years now and a buddy of mine is giving me his as he got the XL big green egg.  Was thinking if this makes sense - I was gonna tier the smokers (1 lower than the other) and use one smoke generator on the bottom smoker to hit both smokers by using the cold smoker tubing to get it to the top smoker.  I know the smoker plate helps the temp of the smokers so for the top one, I was thinking of adding an extra heating element to make up the difference?  Was thinking I could smoke double thee at for the same cost in pucks.  Is this a dumb idea?  I'm on the fence so I thought I was ask for everyones thoughts?  Has anybody tried this? Thanks everyone!


It is a great idea. There is a picture in here somewhere, I think in one of the threads on enclosures, where someone did something very similar.
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