Normal with 900 Watt element?

Started by ghosttown, August 06, 2015, 08:42:01 AM

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Just picked up the 900 Watt element took some time to get it shipped to Canada. However I notice one of the metal thing is bent but it's a perfect bent. Wondering if anybody that had a 900 Watt element to check if this is normal?

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the bend on the Fin is not normal, also  in  one of the other  pictures where  part of the  fin is closer to the  one  next to it is also not  normal... all the  fins should be  parallel and equal distance between them all the  way  around... at this point  in time it is  your  choice  on  what  to  do...

it is  my opinion that it it  is  only 1 fin it is not that  big of a  deal... it is is more  might  consider sending it back and get a  replacement for the  damage.. I do not  know  how  long this  would take though  it is a  consideration,,, it is your  call .. i do not think the actual heating  element  has  been  damaged


I figure it should all be the same distance, I know it may not matter but I should return it and get an exchange. Thanks


Ghost, the fins are cooling surfaces(or heat diffusion surfaces if you prefer)  for the heating element. Unless they were all pressed together in a solid block impeding the diffusion of heat, the small bend is not an issue and will not affect performance. The fins are not permanently attached to the heating element, but slipped over it. Look at yours closely and you'll see that. Just bend it staight.  It would be an absolute waste of time and perhaps $$ to send it back. The replacement could arrive with a bent fin also. It could go on for years! ;)
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