Pucks won't advance

Started by sthomasaz, August 28, 2015, 12:05:55 PM

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I need some guidance because I think I may be doing something wrong. Bradley customer service (Who is always great, though I wonder if I have a dud of a unit since I have already had to replace the heating unit, the puck advance button, and now this) sent me out the new little part that times the puck advancement, but I've had this problem it seems since the day I got the smoker and the new part didn't fix the problem.

When I turn on the smoke generator, I press the puck advance button and I can hear it moving but it doesn't usually push a puck out. I usually have to push it two or three more times and hold it down before it moves a puck, but then nothing. I have to set a timer and come out every 22-25 minutes to make sure a puck moves and advance one if it isn't. I did this on Sunday and because of circumstances I had to put the meat on and go to church and hope it worked. I guess I didn't pray hard enough because three hours later not a single puck advanced.

My question is, am I turning the advance mechanism off with multiple pushes of the button? Should I just push it once and manually put a puck on the heater? Anyone else have this issue? I'm about ready to dump the Bradley because if I have to sit there and babysit it, I might as well go with something that burns wood.

Habanero Smoker

Pushing the advance button multiple times does not turn the generator off, it just reset the mechanism and timer.

Have you removed the chute so you can look down at the drive guide (shuttle) to see if it is fully retracting, and fully advancing?
If it is not fully advancing and retracting, make sure there are no obstacles, or build up of debris that can cause the drive guide not to fully open.
Make sure your chute is properly inserted and straight.
A less common problem could be that you bisquettes may have swelled due to contact with moisture. If they are swelled they will not feed properly, or not at all.

The below contains some tips that may helpful.
Bradley FAQ's



you  may also have lost the linkage between the  motor and the  shuttle... meaning  that the  linkage is no  longer  connected together,,, open the  generator and  check it


I opened it all up and cleaned it and it didn't help. I think it might be the motor. A lot of times when I press the button the feeder doesn't pull far enough back for a puck to drop. And when it does it seems a bit herky jerky. So the timer may be working, it just isn't pulling back far enough to drop a new puck.

I just ordered a new motor. The link I found to yardandpool.com for the motor and arm is dead. All they have is just the motor listed on the site, so fingers crossed it will work.