PIDs and Thermometers for a new guy

Started by Smojak, September 20, 2015, 08:32:55 AM

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Hi All,

Just purchased a Bradley 4 rack DBS smoker and wondering what accessories I should get or are recommended.

*PID - As I understand this is to maintain a tighter temp control when smoking fish etc. I assume this is for ambient temp control. Seems like mostly Auber brand is recommended on this forum.

*Thermometer - Looking at igrill2 cause I like the graphing capability. Opinions?



a pid is to  control the Box temp  not the  ambient temperature  surrounding  the  smoker,,, it  also  will maintain a  tight  temperatures inside the box,

i grill thermometer   is a great  unit to  have ,,,  so is tappicue both are  different and  are good  units,, the tappicue can  be read away from home through the  internet which  is a great option,, check  out  both  units and see which one  is better for you


Thanks beefmann! Yes, I mis-spoke...meant box temp. as ambient as opposed to meat temp.

Which PID do you recommend?


i would  recommend any from auber inst,,, be careful here, a  few decisions need to be  made first

if you  are going to  need a  pid to control your   smoker  in  steps in  temp for a  duration of time.. then you   need a  ramp and  soak Pid,,,, if  not an  standard pid...

some have built  in  relays others have require an ssr,,, ( solid state relay) so you  have to  buy extra on the  ssr pid... along with the  probes,,,, take a   look at auber and look through there  products... quite a  helpful  site