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Started by revid, November 28, 2015, 02:39:01 AM

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Got a new smoker awhile back so Iam still new at this and noticed that I can't get the temp to 200 cause my shed is cold. What do you do if you want to smoke when outside is cold? Also can it be used as a dehydrator?thanks


There are a few things you can do to help it. 

1. First, be sure your smoker is out of the wind.  I assume it already is if you have it in a shed.
2. Do not use an extension cord.  If you must use one get a heavy duty cord that is made for a large appliance, at least 12 ga.
3. Pour hot water into your water bowl puck catcher.
4. Preheat a couple of bricks wrapped in foil in your house oven and put them on an empty rack.
5. Further insulate the outside of your smoker with something like a hot water heater blanket.
6. Keep the top vent open.  Do not be tempted to close the vent completely to try and hold in the heat.
7. Add a second 500W element or replace the original with a finned 900W.  If you do that you'll also need to add a PID controller.  There are "how-to" guides available on how to do this.

Here are some more ideas:

When/if it gets cold out...

Insulated Blanket/Cover

Normal temps...


Sounds as though your heating element isn't working if you can't reach 200 degrees.  Fire your Bradley up and look at the heating element.  It should be glowing red.  If it is not it is not functioning.  Check the short power cord that connects the smoke generator to the tower.  FIRMLY plug in both ends.  A lot of times the cord doesn't seat properly and the heating element has no power.

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When you can't get the smoker up to 200°F, is that an empty cabinet or is it loaded? If loaded how much of a load do you have, and what is it loaded with? What vent opening are you using? What is the actual ambient temperature?

Below is a link to some more useful information:

Bradley FAQ's