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Started by sooch9, November 20, 2007, 07:04:46 AM

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I have the Original and have been looking for an insulated blanket for it for when we do very cold winter smoking.  It seems that they don't make one for Bradleys?  Any recommendations on a different one that might fit?  I read somewhere a hot water heater blanket might work??  Help!

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I have smoked in cold weather and lots of snow.  With the shed I built, there is no problem no matter the weather.  I figure a cold wind is the biggest issue.

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A hot water heater blanket will work. I believe one member used a space blanket. Just make sure that the vent is not obstructed, and the air intake fins on the generator are also clear.



I have an insulated jacket for my Weber smoker, I've never tried it on my Bradley. Will try it and let you know...



I use one of those moving blankets/pads, the one that moving companies use to protect furniture.  Doubled it up around the OBS, and secured it with a bungy cord.  It definitely helps me in the cold, when the wind is not a factor.
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I customized a heavy duty moving pad for my OBS. It sure helps.