What does a PID do for me?

Started by takem01, November 10, 2015, 04:38:41 PM

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Just pulled the trigger on a 6-rack bradley. I thought that, being digital, it'd achieve and maintain temp better than my propane model. Now, I'm reading about PID controllers. So, do I need a PID and why?


Only if you just want to. It will do fine like it is. A PID comes in handy when you need tight temp controls like for sausage.
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Ka Honu

What he said. You don't need a PID for things like poultry, pulled pork, brisket, ribs, etc. If you need to "fine tune" your temps to a narrower range for fish, sausage, or other "delicate items," it might come in handy.


agrees with above, with one minor addition, I Have been told that the  digital has a  max  Time for  smoke and cook of 10 hours, then you  have to go and  reset the time on each,,, a PID has no cooking time duration unless you are using  the ramp and soak which has its programmed  in times,