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Started by Jbrian7, January 09, 2016, 07:11:30 AM

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Has anyone found cheaper temperature probes that are accurate and work well?

I working on building a wifi temperature system with 4 probes and trying to decide on what probes to use. Mavericks are the most common but don't know if they are worth paying $16-20 a piece for my application.

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here is tappecue, it is already  built and has 4 probes,,, also wifi ready.. has apps for  google play, android and mac... nice feature is that you  can be away  from home and  still be able to read temps.... take the time to check it  out


Habanero Smoker

There are generally two types of digital probes; Thermistor and Thermocouple. They are both highly accurate but the Thermocouple is way much faster in it's reading (usually less than 5 seconds), has a thinner probe, and can obtain an accurate reading by only being inserted 1/4". The thermistor has a thick probe, longer response time (generally 10 seconds or greater), and must be inserted at least 1/2" for an accurate reading. Which is still great for thin cuts of meat.

Hopefully Pens is monitoring, and he can give you more accurate information. What I believe is most important; is weather the unit you are building is compatible with the thermistor or thermocouple style. If it is compatible with the thermocouple, the pro series probes from Thermoworks are great probes, the end where the wire enters the probe is well sealed, and they are price about the same as Maverick's replacement probes.



That tappecue is very interesting and close to what I designed in my  head. However my unit will be built for much cheaper and will also have an in line voltage controller to regulate the smoker temperature.

That would be right up my alley if I didn't have a brother who's a programmer.

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