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Started by RupKin2, February 25, 2016, 03:01:20 PM

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I purchased my Black Bradley Smoker back in 2007.
I joined this site shortly afterwards.
I don't use my BBS a whole lot but none the less I do use it.
I always make smoked jerky in the winter, lol don't know why but I do(freeze my butt).
Picked up many tips from here and my jerky is defiantly better from the first batch. Not perfect but real good.
Those bubba pucks certainly helped. Smoke 20 mins, two bubba pucks then smoke another 20.
I find this way you don't get that acrid smoke taste. That was bad.
About 6 years past now the wind blew the smoker off my deck that I was re-doing, that was. 5' drop.
The BBS is working, lol.
More or less just posting for something to do

But I will say we have been very happy with the BBS, works great, there is a learning curve but it's fun.




Good to hear your Bradley is still working and you came back to the forum
Live, ride, eat well and thank God!

Habanero Smoker

Hi John,

Good to see you posting again.

My Bradley took a couple of falls also. The first was about a 3 foot drop off my cart, that dented the back of the cabinet. The second was a 6 footer off the deck. That time I eventually had to replace the door, but it kept working fine.



Habanero - ya my door did get damaged a little bit, little loose when opening but seals properly when shut.