Pucks won't advance automatic or manual

Started by jmorriss, March 26, 2016, 04:38:06 PM

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Near the end of my smoke on some corned beef last weekend I noticed the smoke generator stopped advancing automatically and manually. Since I was on my second to past puck for smoke I just shut it down. I finally got a chance to mess with it today and still no joy. If I apply power directly to the motor it moves.

Any thoughts?


First, welcome aboard.

The user recipe site has a FAQ section for troubleshooting that may help.  Here's a link to the specific problem you're having.

Why won't my bisquettes advance automatically or when I push the Advance button?


I read through that thread yesterday-my issue is as follows in the FAQ-"A. If you do not hear the motor running after pushing the advance button Click Here." However, the link, http://www.susanminor.org/forums/showthread.php?488-Answers-To-Bradley-Smoker-FAQ-s&p=771#post771 Doesn't appear to take me to a relevent section of the FAQ thread that pertains to that problem.


Quote from: jmorriss on March 27, 2016, 12:40:59 PMDoesn't appear to take me to a relevent section of the FAQ thread that pertains to that problem.

The link appears to take someone to the section for there being no power to the smoker.  I guess it is going back to the basics and telling people to check the simple things, such as no power to the SG, if the puck advance button does not do anything.

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Hi jmorriss;

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It seems that a lot depends on the browser you are using, it's version, and it you have it zoomed in more or lesser than 100%. Also providing links on this forum directly to the FAQ's answer also may cause the problem. Most of the time I get the correct link, but other times it will take me to the top of the page, or some irrelevant answer.

You have posted the incorrect link The actual link TedEbear posted is:

You get better consistency if you go directly to Bradley Smoker FAQ's. and using the links directly from there.