Jerky cutting board recommendation

Started by nasels, February 12, 2012, 09:10:11 AM

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After seeing some pictures on here of jerky cut on a board I would like to purchase a cutting board with knife. I don't have wood cutting tools etc so am looking for a good commercial made board and knife.

Any recommendations?


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Jim O

I never use a wooden cutting board,especially for poultry. I feel that they eventually get "groved",and that can hold bacteria. I always use a poly  board . It's also easier on the knife edge IMHO .

Jim O
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Mr Walleye


You might want to talk to Devo. He made one out of a plastic cutting board. Here's a link to his recent jerky post which shows a picture of it. If you ask him about it on this thread I'm sure he would be happy to share details.


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I got a wood one from Cabellas several years ago. Might check their website.

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I made mine out of a piece of white oak...
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For outdoor activities, I prefer the flexible cutting boards, because they are compact and lightweight. Food icons can ensure my family food safety when you are never confused with the which cutting board for meat or veggie.