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Started by big pattern, June 13, 2016, 03:24:04 PM

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big pattern

I have a digital 6 rack and I am thinking about an upgrade. I was wondering which is better the bbq guru or the pid. I will also doing an upgrade to the heating element in the near future.


I have had my PID now for two years with the 900watt mod on a 4 rack digital. I love the PID for all the features you get its been great for making sausage and more.
Bradley 4 rack Digital, 900 watt, Auber PID
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One Auber Master Temp monitor and two remotes with probes, up to ten remotes can be used.


The PID is made for the Bradley smoker and the guru is adaptable. I mean, it is made for BBQ not made for the Bradley. So, in my opinion, the PID is a better choice.

big pattern

ok thanks for the input

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The line of guru products are calibrated for wood or charcoal burning equipment. I'm not sure what algorithm they use, but over the years they have maximized the guru's to control that type of heat source. With electrical appliances, once you get within 10 to 20 degrees of your target temperature, it has a tendency to very slowly bring the cabinet up to temperature. One member reported it would never reach the target temp. The PID is more efficient is controlling electrical heating appliances.

On the other hand, if you already have a guru, it may be worth getting the Raptor, and using it for the Bradley. Of if you want Wi-Fi features, the guru will be handy for that. You can also build your own "Raptor", but the cost savings is only about $15.

Depending on your budget, the Stoker, with the Raptor, is the ideal combination, that will give you full Wi-Fi capability of controlling your Bradley, and wood/charcoal equipment. Even both at the same time.
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