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Started by bob.crome, June 20, 2016, 10:51:54 AM

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I just bought the 4 rack smoker from you guys and the automatic puck advancement doesn't work. It tries but doesn't drop puck. I have to manually push it 3 4 5 times to get it to go and sometimes it sticks have turn off and turn back on. For the amount of money you charge u would think this function, the whole reason to buy this one would work. Any help. I used your brand pucks too

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First off the members on this site are individuals like you. This is not directly linked to Bradley.
Now for your problem, others (not many) have had this problem and the switch inside your smoke generator may not be completely plugged in. You need to turn the generator upside down and take out the screws on the outside perimeter. You do not need to take out the center screw. Slide to top off and recheck the connections in there,sometimes they get dislodged in shipping. Hope this helps.


Ok I will try. Thanks for the help

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I'm having the same problem. I noticed that the pin that attaches the motor arm to the advancing bar is very loose. And doesn't look like it can be tightened. I must say I'm not too impressed with the quality of the Bradly for the price. I'm going to contact Bradley tomorrow and see if they can help.