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Started by pokermeister, August 12, 2016, 01:49:35 PM

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While smoking a turkey, I had a fire in my smoker   :(. Smoker appears undamaged, but now my heating element will not work. Smoke generator is fine. and cables are also ok. Replaced heating element, and it still will not work. Plugged in directly-no heat. Fire was in V drip pan, and also the turkey skin was on fire (piece of fat blocked drip hole). Unsure of how long fire was in smoker. Please help!
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Sounds like the inline fuse on the back of the Bradley has tripped. take the back off and check the fuse on the back wall that fuse will trip at about 300deg. of heat check with a ohm meter if open it has tripped. Replace if tripped and you should be good.

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Hi, just a little suggestion to make sure you don't get any other fire again, you should get one of these

This way, the fat will not get into the element anymore  ;)


do they still make those?
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I don't think so  :( I had to ask my friend who works at a stainless shop to make a custom one for me.  ;) But peace of mind is priceless  ;D