Roofing Heat Cord to wrap around smoker in colder weather

Started by Cowbell, September 12, 2016, 02:53:20 AM

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Hello Everyone,
Last night, I had an idea as I was reading about heat modifications.  The thing that is the biggest problem is the ambient temperature below 70 degrees or so.  What if you take the cover, cut it to fit the outside of the smoker so it is a snug fit.  Cut out spots for the top smoke vent and the smoke generator.  Cut the cloth so it will allow the door to open and sew in some velcro or a clip of some sort to re-attach it after closing the door.  Then, use foil tape to tape and roofing heat cord to completely cover the outside.  80 feet of heat cord would be more than enough for the 6 rack BDS, and it would be an additional 400 watts of energy on the outside of the smoker.  This heat jacket would keep the cold out and allow the element to do its job.  Your thoughts are appreciated.


I've never heard of that one but some people have attached a water heater blanket or other insulation to the outside. Other than the initial cost to buy it, there's no electricity cost to heat it.

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Hi Cowbell;

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Some have also used Reflective Insulation foiled thermal bubble wrap. That cuts easily, and self-adhesive Velcro strips can be applied without sewing.


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Cowbell. My obs is stock with no heater or fan mods. I wrap it in water a heater blanket and keep it in a small garden shed just large enough to hold it and my cold smoke adapter. It doesn't get real cold here but I have no trouble reaching or maintaining temps whatever the weather.Besides keeping out the weather it also keeps the hugry critters out. A low tech solution that works well.