My Strata Council said my smoker is a fire hazard ?

Started by Langleysmoker, October 16, 2016, 12:27:52 PM

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Hey Folks...
I have the BS611 Smoker and I was wondering...
If my smoker tipped over for whatever reason would the smoker shut off by a mercury type of switch or would it continue to smoke possibly causing a fire risk to my neighbours or the building I live in.

Is there any safety features built into my smoker that I'm not aware of..

Tks.. Langley BC.

I would like to post what the letter said to show U all button sure how to do that on here.
Langley BC

Habanero Smoker

I'm not aware of any safety feature that will turn the power off it the smoker is tipped over. Maybe if you have a stable table and securely fasten the smoker to the table that will be enough to satisfy the council. Or maybe consult with an electrician to see if it is possible to install a Tip Over Safety Switch.

The best way to post the letter on this forum is to take a photo of it and post it like you would any other photo.


harleyr warrior

No there is no safety  if it turn over. I have had mine completely  apart during  modifying it. I nailed mine down to the cabinet  it's on through  the rubber legs. I'm sure you could bolt it down also or strap it down with a heat resistant  strap. I hope this helps. I clean mine after each smoke ans I have a Pid to keep temperature  where I want it at all times. I prepare the meat and program the smoke and go back to bed, go to church or what ever I want and be there when it done to remove out of smoker. Always make sure smoke generator  disk shoot is clear. if not it could get clogged and not get a good smoke.

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