Went to the light side

Started by fremontfrank1, November 27, 2016, 08:22:25 PM

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Hello all,
Have Bradly 6 rack. Use cold smoke only. Could not get rid of creosote flavor. Use as cold smoker only. What I mean by light side. Bought Green Mountain Grill, Danial Boone, WiFi. Yes pellet pooper ;D :-* :-*. last emoji's say's it all. no mods needed. Just GOOD smoke & flavor. You All enjoy, biting down on a rib now. 


Frank, how far do you open your vent damper when you use your 6 rack?  And what flavor pucks are you using?

I ask because I've never heard of a creosote flavor complaint before.  The only time I've seen something similar was when I left the vent damper closed as I started a sausage smoke.  The sausage ended up with an obvious sooty coating and a slightly sooty flavor.

Habanero Smoker

Hi Frank;

I'm glad too see you took advantage of their Black Friday sale.

In addition to what tskeeter stated, how much smoke are you applying? If you use too much smoke you will get a strong bitter taste. Some refer to it as licking an ash tray. Have you ever tried making ribs in the Bradley, or your only experience is with cold smoking?

I'm guessing you like a very mild smoke flavor. I have the GMG Jim Bowie Wi-Fi for over 18 months. One of my biggest complaints with the pellet grills is I don't get enough smoke flavor. I've tried running it a 150°F for awhile to get some smoke flavor, but that didn't seem to work. To get a good smoke flavor, sometimes I start my food in the Bradley then transfer to my preheated JB, I usually do this with chicken. More often than not, I will use an Amaz-N-Smoker tube for additional flavor. My other complaint is the occasional soot problems, but I have that problem mainly under control.

Though you can make good ribs in a GMG, I find if I want better ribs I'll use my Bradley, or charcoal burners.