4 Rack Digital Smoker Issues

Started by klibby897, November 28, 2016, 06:49:13 AM

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Made my 2nd run on my Bradley 4-rack digital smoker. The smoker ran OK on smoke but the tower would only reach 148F even though the oven temp was set to 230F. Smoke shut off on schedule after 3hrs. Oven was set to continue for two hours, but oven temp dropped to 84F. Anybody have any ideas what went wrong ?

Thanks !


Sounds like the heating element was not functioning.  Fire it up and see if the heating element glows red.  If it doesn't check to make sure the power jumper cord that goes from the smoke generator to the tower is properly seated.  They require a fair amount of pressure to get them firmly connected.


What was in there?

Sounds like the element is not heating. Make sure the cord to the cabinet is seated.
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