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Started by AlbertaClipper, January 22, 2017, 07:21:32 PM

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Hey there I am new to using a smoker I have a BS611 I'm wondering what temp I should be smoking my jerky at and for about how long?
Thanks in advance


Congratulations and Welcome to the Forum. I personally haven't made Jerky, but there are many here who have. There is the Bradley Web Sight with helpful recipes and it does include Beef Jerky. Give it a try to get you started. https://www.north-america.bradleysmoker.com/recipes/


You bet thanks going to check it out again for that and more recipes!

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Welcome to the forum! Alot of great advice here from alot of great guys😊


Welcome to the forum.

I smoke my jerky at about 150- 155 F.

Smoke it for about 1-2 hours or more if desired.

Then keep drying it until it will bend under pressure without breaking.


Thanks for the info Roget! I will try that see how my second batch turns out!

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Thanks everyone

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It depends on how thick you cut your meat.  Ideally you start with 1/4" thick slices that have been cured for 3 days.  Best temp is 190 to 200 f for about 2 hours.  Turn all slices over after 1 hour for even cooking.  Don't smoke to heavy as the meat is thin and will absorb fast.