Pork loin question

Started by PAhardwoods, June 25, 2017, 12:49:20 PM

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I have a bradley OBS that i recently did a 1000w heat element upgrade and PID in the past I've only ever used my smoker to do jerky and cheese

I threw a pork loin on today to try my first real smoke since the upgrades.  I preheated to 225 everything I read was about 3 hour cook time....i hit 145 internal (i checked it in about 5 different spots on the loin all spots over 145 at just under two hours i currently have the loin resting in foil. i used the digital read out  and a maverick to monitor cabin temp at 225 highest it got during the cook was 230

I guess I'm just concerned and wondering how i cut over an hour of cook time from everything that i read ?


My answer to this is that things "never" have a specific time.. truth is ; it will take as long as it takes... sometimes longer than others. All depends on conditions of your environment.


PA, cooking time also depends on the thickness of the meat, not  how much the cut weighs. View the link below.

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Thanks guys!!! the loin did turn out AWESOME lol