Smoker Shorting out

Started by ahaohio, August 06, 2017, 04:19:04 AM

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I have been using the smoker for a while (lots of sausages, pork and more) but today the thing has gone awfully bad.

As soon as I turn on the oven heater the fuse - not the one on the unit, the one in the house - goes.

I have tested everything on the smoke generator and there is nothing wrong there.

When I connect power directly to the oven the fuse goes so the problem must be with either the connection to the oven or with the heating element itself.

Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly apreciated! (OK - since the smoke generator works I can cold-smoke the salmon for dinner today but I really want to do some sausages...)


I would suspect the heating element.
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- Check resistance across unplugged element for starters, if you haven't.  Should be about 30ohms?
- Check resistance from each side of unplugged element to cabinet (0ohms if wire is bare/frayed and contacting cabinet?).


I would also check the outlet.
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If it is a GFCI circuit, sometimes they need to be replaced. After checking all connections, and ensuring there are no shorts, I would run an extension cord to a non-GFCI plug.