Temperature issues

Started by BBBD, August 13, 2017, 06:34:55 AM

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Hey folks. So I have what I consider a big problem with the Bradley digital smoker. Trying to smoke some salmon, my recipe calls for 120 degrees Celsius for the first two hours. Just went out and checked it, temp is Edgar 120, but the actual temperature was almost 160. I can see up to 5 degrees but 40??? Am I missing something?


Edgar = set at. Damn tablet


The stock Bradley is subject to temperature swings over the heating cycle.  Twenty degrees Fahrenheit plus or minus your temp set point is common.  Forty degrees would be unusual.

I did have a thought regarding sun.  Is your smoker in the sun?  If so, it is possible that you might be picking up some additional heat from the sun?

I'm wondering if you can finish your smoke by reducing your set point ten degrees or so?