Mod or pellet grill.

Started by mitchf350, August 23, 2017, 05:39:57 PM

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  I currently have a obs a nice uds and a nice gas grill.... my obs needs a new smoke generator. I've ripped it apart and cleaned the hell out of all parts and replaced the switch but it still, some times won't advance unless I hit the button manually...
So i was thinking to either buy a new dbs smoke generator and add a dual element or buy a green mountain Daniel boon with wifi.  I only really use the bradley for summer sausage and the occasional crock pot already pulled pork then smoked...(try it out it's great in a hurry) But I'm getting lazy and want to set it and forget it as much as possible...If I can make the bradley stronger and more reliable it was be a option.... any imput would be great!

Habanero Smoker

Green Mountain Grills has great customer service. I have the Jim Bowie Wi-Fi. Though there are many who are adamant that pellet grills produce a good smoke flavor, I'm not one of them. I can't get any smoke flavor from my grill, and I've tried all the techniques suggested. If I was given food from a gasser and a pellet grill, during a blind test, I wouldn't be able to tell which foods were prepare on which grills. Using an A-Maze-N smoker can provides some smoke.

Having said that; once you get the Wi-Fi setup, it is very convenient to monitor and control your grill with your smart phone over your home network. Once you are connected to your Wi-Fi network, you can then connect to the GMG server. Once on the server you can monitor your grill from anywhere; such as the grocery store; as long as your phone is connected to the internet. GMG is constantly improving the firmware, and you can update your controller anytime after they post the update. The app has a lot of features. Besides being able to monitor, and change settings from the phone, there are built in profiles, or you can setup your own. A profile allows you to setup steps for your cook. For an example; Brisket: 1) Grill Temp 185°, Stop at 4 hours; 2) Grill Temp 225°, Stop at 165°F (IT) - Wrap Brisket; 3) Grill Temp 225°, Stop at 195°F (IT) - Check Brisket for doness; 5) Keep Warm. Step 5 is important incase you are not around when the food reaches you ideal IT.

I find I use mine as I would my gasser. It would be difficult to make summer sausage in it, and again I will have to go back to the lack of smoke flavor. My JB is much larger than the DB, so I have quite a bit of temperature variations for right to left, middle, and to some extent front to back. The app is somewhat useful in adjusting temperature variations. For example, if you are using a third party temperature probe; such as a Maverick, and that probe is indicating the grill is running 15°F hotter than what the controller is indicating; the app allows you to adjust the what the controller is indicating to more closely match your third party probe.

I use my Bradley mainly for cured meats, lox, etc. I will use it to apply smoke to meats before I Sous Vide them.  I still use it as my main cooker for pulled pork. I have a few charcoal cookers, but none of them beats the Bradley when it comes to pulled pork. Labor Day weekend, I will be making Huli Huli Cornish Hens. Because the hens are so small, I'm concerned if I will be able to get enough smoke on them. So I will be using the Bradley to apply the smoke, then I will grill the Cornish hens over charcoal. Such as you, I used the Bradley as a food warmer, to hold food at a safe temperature before serving.

So I guess what I'm trying to say, both have their place. It depends on what you plan to cook, how you want to cook it, and what you want as a finished product.