Curing cabinet

Started by kmarr, September 18, 2017, 07:09:16 AM

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Would a tall wine cooler work for a curing cabinet or do you need a frost free fridge
Thanks Kelly


That would work I used a small soda refer for mine, and a custom PID cabinet for the controls. It works great when not in use as a curing cabinet I can still use it as a soda refer. I used three PID'S from Auber,  heat temperature controller , humidity controller ,cooling temperature controller and the cabinet is from Auber all of the electrical parts plugs are from Jamco in Belmont California all holes were made with hole punches and squared as needed with a nibbler punch. I don't have a drawing for the wiring I just know how to do things like that.

Bradley 4 rack Digital, 900 watt, Auber PID
Bradley cold smoke adapter
Char-Griller Smoking Pro BBQ Smoker with rotisserie
Brinkman Bullet Smoker
Weber 24"
Custom Hard Cure Cabinet for Salami
One Auber Master Temp monitor and two remotes with probes, up to ten remotes can be used.