Used Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker

Started by wnordmann, October 04, 2017, 03:11:28 PM

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I found a used Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker on craigslist for $125 but I was told it needs a element. 
Wife is trying to talk me out of it, so help me convince her it'll work fine. 

Would buying and installing a element to test it with a over thermometer be a reasonable test?  How long would a test run to be seen as valid? 

Anything I should look for it see if it's working?


Buying off a site like that I would stay away, there could be other problems as a bad controller or smoker and you would not have a warranty to work with caution is the name of the game. Save your money up and buy a new one when they go on sale. Just my thoughts. I'm not saying buying of Craigslist is bad but in this case you don't need a new door stop.
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The element is easy and fairly fast to replace. I would see if they have some extra pucks and spend 20 to 40 minutes to see if the smoke generator is working properly

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Thanks for the replies so far.  What is the target sale price I should look for?  Or better who is the seller I should watch?

I might ask for a reduction in price if I can see that the smoker works. 


For that price I would just buy a new one from meatprocessing for 269.00

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I got mine new in box from a person on craigslist who went vegetarian for $112.  I want to sell mine now, but the door hinge broke and I don't want to repair it.   I'd give you a heck of a deal if you were close!


First, I would place a  voltmeter in the AC plug going to the oven and turn it on. If 120V is present then the element is blown. But I recommend you do the 900W Grainger mod that others have done. I've just done it a couple of weeks ago and mine now performs perfectly. If he's asking $125 and it's broke, I'd try for 75 but only if you have voltage on the oven wire.

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Your wife is a wise person.  Listen to her.  Just get a new Bradley and you'll be good.  I've had mine for 8 years and never a problem.
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