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Started by knards, January 04, 2018, 11:50:44 AM

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Is it possible to have a thermal wrap for my Bradley digital smoker, I was smoking a whole prime rib for Christmas dinner. temp outside was - 40C with wind chill.
With oven set to 320F the best I could do was 200F and lost 40-50 degrees if I opened the door to check progress.
Other smokers I have seen offer a thermal wrap for colder temps.

Please advise


Some people have insulated their smokers or built little smoker sheds, etc.  Things such as modified water heater blankets seem to work pretty well.  The main thing is try to keep it out of the wind.  That'll suck the heat right out of it. 

Also, keep the vent open halfway or more.  The first idea to hold the heat in might be to close the vent but that actually makes things worse.

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For a quick and dirty smoker wrap, I have used a cardboard box or two.  The corrugations in the box provide an air layer, while the outer sheets separate the smoker from the wind.  You can layer multiple boxes one over the other if you want.  I have cut the door side of the box so it lets you open and close the smoker door.

One of the biggest things with a Bradley is to protect the vent from wind.  Breezes seem to really suck the heat out of the smoker.