Started by HJL, February 06, 2018, 01:37:51 PM

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I made my own PID per instructions from this site. I used the auberin pid. I set it up. Plugged it in to my smoker and it will not get the smoker to generat heat. Checked all the wiring and it checks out. Anyone have any ideas?


Which model did you get?  Here's the one I installed in mine and how it is wired.  If it has input voltage at terminals 9 & 10 it should have a 12VDC output voltage at terminals 7 & 8 when it is running.

Habanero Smoker


Did you build a stand-alone, or did you build the PID into the generator like TedeBear did?

If it is a stand-alone, and the wiring inside the PID is correct, then check how you hooked up the power cords. The power "IN" of the PID - the PID should be plugged into the wall socket, or the power "OUT" socket on the back of the generator; depending on the year your Bradley was built you may need a special cord call a "ADJ IEC Extension Cable". The power "OUT" socket on the PID, should be plugged into the back of the smoking cabinet (oven). Again; depending on the year your Bradley was manufactured you may need a desktop computer cord; also called a "NEMA 5-15P to IEC320C13 Power Cord". Do not plug the power "IN" cord of the generator directly into the PID.



The model I have is the 2352. I hooked it up as Habenaro suggested. Doesn't turn on power to smoker. Disconnected everything and hooked the smoker up the old way and it works. Maybe there is a setting that is causing the problem.


You said you hooked it up like Habenaro suggested.  He was describing an external stand-alone PID controller setup.  The 2352 is wired completely differently.

The 2352 is the same model I have, in the earlier pic.  Check it with a multimeter.  Is there 12VDC to the SSR across terminals 7 & 8 when it is running? 

I assume you have a 25A SSR with it. Is there 12VDC across the two control side terminals of the SSR when the PID controller is running?  Is there 120VAC at each terminal of the output side when the 12VDC is applied to the control side?

Here's a video that may help: SYL-2352 Tutorial


Sorry,I have a stand alone unit. It is not part of the generator.


Well, if it is installed in a project box you can still open it up and check for power at those various points that I mentioned.  You need to see if the problem is with the controller, the SSR or something else.