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Started by GABJR, February 19, 2018, 08:51:46 AM

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had to replace the fuse holder on my digital smoke generator.
tried to power up just the generator & the display did not come on.
does the generator have to be connected to the element to get the display to come on ?
I am electrical challenged so any help would be appreciated as we are going through smoker withdrawal

Habanero Smoker

The generator does not have to be connected to the cabinet, in order to light up the display. If it is working, the generator will turn on, but you will get an error message.

Open up the generator and check to see if you may have loosen any connections when you were installing the fuse holder. While it is opened, make sure all the existing connections are not loose. Also check and maybe replace the fuse. I've had blown fuses that still looked good. One other thing I can think of is to check the power cord going into the generator, and make sure it is fully seated.