Auber PID in freezing weather

Started by car54, March 19, 2018, 10:19:38 AM

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Hello, its been a long time since I have posted, been busy.
Will a Auber PID work in zero degree F. weather? I asked Auber and they don't know. My PID, that is 15 years old died, and the replacement won't work when its too cold. Does any one have practical experience with this?

Thank you, car54


I have used mine in the low 30's a few times but it has to work more to keep the temp's up.

Bradley 4 rack Digital, 900 watt, Auber PID
Bradley cold smoke adapter
Char-Griller Smoking Pro BBQ Smoker with rotisserie
Brinkman Bullet Smoker
Weber 24"
Custom Hard Cure Cabinet for Salami
One Auber Master Temp monitor and two remotes with probes, up to ten remotes can be used.


Here's what it says in the instruction manual for the single probe plug-n-play model, as far as operating in low temps.

e) Operating the controller when ambient temperature is below 32°F (0°C). The controller
reading is only accurate for temperature ≥ 32°F (0°C). In addition, if the ambient
temperature is below 14°F (-10°C), the controller will not function because it can't read
the temperature correctly. In that case, users can warm the sensor by holding it with their hands.
Once the sensor is above 14°F (-10°C), it will turn on the heater. Once the inside of the
smoker is heated to above 32°F, the controller will run by itself.   


Thanks for the info. I smoke year round even when its 10 below zero.